Dreams, Schemes, Income Streams

My dream is to earn a living from home.  I’m trying various things, so I’m going to list them here…mainly so I won’t forget about them myself, but you are welcome to check them out, too!  Of course you need to use your own discretion, and do not consider my listing it to be an endorsement or guarantee.

—-If you have any information, positive or negative, about ways to earn from home, please share with others. This page is one of the most-viewed posts on my blog, so your information would be helping not just me, but many others who share the same dream.—-

Streams in Use Now:

1) Art.com affiliate program. Go to the Art.com site to check this out. I was originally able to use their art to illustrate the blog, but then they started watermarking it. Bummer. Anyway, I still sometimes will use an art piece at the bottom of a post with a link, and if anyone should like a particular piece of art and decide to buy it from the site, I would receive a small commission. (UPDATE: Now that I can no longer use their art to illustrate the blog without their watermark appearing, I think it’s less likely anybody would take an interest. However I still see some beautiful art on other people’s blogs so I am wondering if there’s something I’m not aware of. Tips would be greatly appreciated from any Art.Com affiliates with info.)

2)OnlineVerdict.com. I have read on several reputable sites lately about test jury sites, on which attorneys can gauge reaction to their cases and plan their strategy. I signed up for this one. It asked for personal info such as address, ethnicity, etc., but it did not ask for my social security number, if that’s a big deal to you.  Supposedly when a case comes up in my area, I’ll be invited to participate and it can pay $20-$60 a case. (UPDATE: Haven’t heard from them yet, but I guess you never know when something might come up.)

3) Lilla Rose. Look in the sidebar for the Lilla Rose graphic and click on it to shop!!! It will take you right to my own Lilla Rose site. I seriously love these beautiful hair clips. (UPDATE: Lilla Rose is going well! I was invited to join a secret Facebook group where consultants share information and that’s very helpful. People say that Lilla Rose “sells itself” and I have found that to be true! At first I worried because I was too shy to approach anybody in an effort to sell them something. But all I did was post a couple of pics on my personal Facebook page, wear the clips in my hair, and take my catalog to work. I’m placing my first order on Monday, Sept. 22, and will be ordering multiple clips for friends and coworkers. My boss ordered four! If you are interested in becoming a consultant, just go to my Lilla Rose site and click the appropriate link.)

4) Check this out for a cool way to make money–if it doesn’t kill me! ;-) I’m doing a clinical trial, testing a drug for weight loss! It’s a drug that’s already in use for diabetes, but they noticed that patients lost weight as a side effect, so they are now testing to see how it will work for non-diabetic patients. So I get free physicals, blood work, EKG, weight loss counseling and advice and all that jazz, plus free weight loss medications (assuming I don’t get stuck with the placebo; it’s a blind study), and to top it off I get $50 per visit! My husband already did a study of a diabetes drug with these same folks so I know it’s totally legit, and those checks of his were sure nice when they’d arrive in the mailbox from time to time. He found this place by just searching the internet for a way to get his diabetes medicine during the period when we were uninsured. Maybe you can find something similar in your area!

Streams I’m Considering for the Near Future:

1) Christian Miniatures. I just happened to run up on this site and I really like the looks of it. The company uses home assemblers to make tiny Christian items (hymn books, etc.) for use in dollhouses! The company sends a kit with everything needed to assemble a certain number of items, and you just send them back and they send you a check. You have to give them a $50 deposit, but they will send it back with your first check or you can just have them keep it and send you another kit. My son is interested in this possibility also. The only thing holding me back is doubt about whether my vision is good enough to see tiny items! But I do think I’ll try it soon, and if I can’t see the items, Brandon will surely be able to. (UPDATE: I have tried several times to get in touch with this company to no avail. Their form to request info has not worked, and one or two emails have been ignored.)

2) Origami Owl. This is a really hot jewelry item. I have one of their necklaces myself and it’s such a conversation piece that lots of strangers ask me about it. It’s a really great way to give a personalized gift and I’m enthusiastic about the product. The only problem is that the initial investment is at least $149, and the website gives very limited info about how it will all work.

3) Some other sites I see advertised on a lot of blogs, which makes me think they must have affiliate programs: Zulily and ThredUp. I’ve heard Amazon is one with a good affiliate program as well.

4) Sites for freelance writers: Odesk and Elance. I saw these listed on another blogger’s site and she said she was currently making $150 a week on Odesk. I am not very fond of freelancing–I don’t like anything that makes writing feel like work–but it might be worth considering.

5) Some home decor sites I see on numerous blogs: Wayfair and Joss and Main. Also, though less popular, Wise Decor is one I’ve seen. They sell Christian oriented items.

6) (Thanks Robin F. for telling me about this one:) http://www.MaryandMartha.com. Home decor direct selling. They set her up with a nice looking website I just viewed.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Robin
    Aug 19, 2014 @ 02:25:43

    I would love to know more about the Christian Miniatures. I just signed up with Mary & Martha which is a home decor site. All of the items have either scripture or encouraging words on them. Let me know if you would like more info. My website is http://www.mymaryandmartha.com/BEAUTIFUL/


    • Sweet-Water-and-Bitter
      Aug 19, 2014 @ 10:22:59

      Hi Robin, the site is just ChristianMiniatures.com. The other day I decided to move forward and I clicked on something to get more information and got a message that their box was full, or something of that nature. I haven’t thought to follow up again but I do still plan to (though I am not sure quite HOW tiny the items are and whether my eyes will cooperate with me!). I’ll go look at your Mary and Martha site. Let me know how things work out with them, please!


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