Holiday Happenings

Family Thanksgiving 2014Hello there! You might think I’ve expired, but actually, like most folks around this time of year  I’ve just been very busy! The photo above is my family (Brian, Bliss, me, and Brandon) taken in front of my in-laws’ house on the day after Thanksgiving. We traveled to Georgia to visit, and there was no time to write any new posts for this week. Anyway I noticed that blog traffic was dead so I figured we were ALL out shopping and traveling and such, and we would meet again when life settles back down. I hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving!

To those who read my post about making money with Fiverr, I had to set my Fiverr profile to “on vacation” just to get a minute to breathe while I was out of town! I turned it back on yesterday and have already had two inquiries. Plus, I finally heard back from Textbroker (another place to make money writing content) and was rated a four-star writer. (Yay! Five is the best but four is OK. I admit I am not a textbook grammarian, I just kinda play it by ear.) Tonight I’m going to get my profile filled out over there, because reportedly one can make enough money that I might eventually fulfill my dream and not have to go to an office every day. We shall see!


Lilla Rose is going strong and I am selling clips to everybody I know! Normally I don’t push this aspect of it, but would YOU be interested in being a Lilla Rose consultant? All it takes to get started is around $50, and for that they will send you five hairclips (which would cost you more than $50 if you ordered retail) PLUS all the catalogs and various supplies you’ll need to sell to your friends. Trust me, it is NOT HARD to get people to buy. I sent a catalog to work with my husband and he brought home $75 worth of orders just from putting the catalog on the table in the break room last week. Email me if you’re interested.

Finally, I’ll just mention that I’m on the launch team for a new book entitled Choosing Him All Over Again, by Juana Mikels. I’m reading it now and will tell you more about it in January. For now, you might want to visit Juana’s blog to get to know her and a little more about the book. As you might glean from the title, it’s a story about leaving her husband…the same husband she’s now been married to for 33 years! I’m sure a lot of us have been at that point or close to it, and need to share our stories with younger wives.

I wish you all the joy of the holiday season, included a belated Happy Thanksgiving! Let me know what you all have been up to!



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