The Ruby Slippers

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Admittedly, I’m kinda recycling this post from my ancient blog of yesteryear, but I wanted something short and sweet, and this is still a good story and life lesson that I think about quite often. So here goes. :-)

My only daughter, Bliss, was about as beautiful a little girl as anybody could have wished for. She was like a live baby doll that I was able to take everywhere with me. I waited for her all my life and I loved her to pieces (still do!), but I am  a very frugal person. If I were not married, I would probably still not have cable TV (I’d do without) or make microwave popcorn (the old fashioned kind is so much cheaper!).  So even though I loved Bliss very dearly, my love was apt to be expressed with words, with affection, with teaching and explaining things, and with singing at bedtime–but not with gifts, treats, or spoiling with material goods. It’s just not my way. Gifts are for Christmas and birthdays, not for all the time.

BlissNana (Bliss with her Nana.)

When she was little, Target used to sell what I always thought of as “ruby slippers” for girls. They were mary-jane style, encrusted with sparkly red jewels. Just the thing to thrill a little girl, especially one who loved The Wizard of Oz.

Not very practical, though. I would pick them up and consider buying them, but then I would always think, Don’t be frivolous. That’s ten bucks, or whatever, that could be spent on something more useful. A thousand times I looked at those shoes. A thousand times I didn’t buy them.

Eventually Bliss grew too old to be delighted by things like ruby slippers from Target.

And then one day I realized that in all my life, I would never have another little girl to buy them for.

Moral of the story: That’s ten dollars I should have spent.

(Bliss all grown up.)


So, ladies, have you still not tried any Lilla Rose hair accessories? Welllll, I understand…I admired the pictures on other people’s blogs for probably two years before my cheap self actually let go of a few nickels and ordered some. But I love mine! All the stuff people say is true; the clips stay put, look beautiful, and don’t give you a headache OR yank out your hair when you remove them. By the way, MEN, these make super-easy gifts! Take a look at the site and you’ll probably see some clips that reflect your wife or girlfriend’s favorite color, interest, etc.


And besides that..(I’m talking to ladies again now)…if you’re looking for a way to make money on the side…the investment is extremely MINIMAL and the effort is about as taxing as posting a few pics on your Facebook page! Trust me, I am NOT begging anybody to buy these things. My friends are loving them! You can go straight to my page and get more info about becoming a consultant. (Please note: if you have a consultant, stick with her, but if you’ve never ordered before, make sure the name you see at the top left of the page is mine. If it’s not, you can opt to change it.) Lilla Rose consultants are very supportive of one another and not looking to steal each other’s customers. There’s also a great Facebook page where we share ideas and inspirations, so even if you are not so creative but you’d like to be a consultant, you will be able to share the info you find there.    <<<< Just click right there, y’all.


One more thing. You may have read my recent post  (Granny Has to Move) about my husband’s grandmother moving to a new apartment after living for 57 years in the home where she and her late husband raised their five children. We’ve very excited and thankful to report that Granny is doing FINE and is in great spirits and enjoying her new home! We sent her flowers yesterday and she was thrilled with them, so she called us and bragged about her new digs. She confessed she had become a little fearful of the neighborhood in her old house, but now she feels safe and, just as I predicted, has been having lots of visitors!

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4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Rachel G
    Oct 20, 2014 @ 11:41:52

    I loved hearing this story, and this perspective! I was once a little girl who wanted a pair of ruby slippers that I saw at Meijer, but my Mom only allowed one pair of black dress shoes and one pair of white dress shoes (red was impractical and wouldn’t match everything). I definitely appreciate now that she was very practical, and money was tight, but I’m glad that these days she has relaxed a bit and my baby sisters do sport impractical sparkly shoes from time to time.


  2. Gentle Joy
    Oct 22, 2014 @ 15:44:21

    That was a good story… it doesn’t mean we should indulge every whim, but I know how easy it is to be “too cheap” and miss out on a blessing. Thank you for sharing this. :)


  3. Sweet-Water-and-Bitter
    Oct 22, 2014 @ 21:42:29

    Joy, you have no idea how much this memory still hurts my heart. I could have made her face light up, and I chose not to. It was only in the last year or so that I consciously tried to change my ways about money and giving to others. I wrote about that in another post…Silly Magic Words, and a Birthday Gift.Thanks for dropping by!……..Kim


  4. Hazel Moon
    Oct 25, 2014 @ 01:23:21

    Enjoyed your story and appreciate the suggestion to go ahead and spend the $10 or so to bless someone’s heart. We are near by neighbors at Missional Women’s blog party.


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